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Dec 15, 2019
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B) Write in ENGLISH. While Foreign language is allowed, an English translation is required.

C) If unsure of what to post, or unclear about a rule, PM either FIGADMIN.

1) NO media of anyone UNDER 18! If in doubt, do not post it. YOU WILL BE BANNED & IP recorded and reported!.

2) No Doxxing.

3) OP most post model social media links in Original POST. NO personal details (full names, location (home or business), etc) is to be posted.

4) NO full size image(s) are to be posted! After attaching your image(s) (up to 50 DO NOT click the Insert Thumbnail / Full size image button. But, DO click on the Post thread / Post reply button underneath the Message box.

NO media that contains Beastality, Rape (real, or simulated) or Insest (if posting media of a family member DO NOT make this known). ANY post found to contain this will be deleted. Repeat occurrence can result in being banned.

For small videos, either a screen cap is required, or use the Insert video button (located to the left of the emoji in the post toolbar; 25MB and under).

ONLY 1 girl per ID Request. Also, if you have multiple girls, please limit posting to 2 or 3 per week to prevent flooding the board. And, to keep members from getting pissed off.

When IDing a model, please provide a source, and not just a name.

5) NO flaming, insulting, or trolling of any model, or member. If you do not like a thread, move on to the next.

Someone flame you? Please DO NOT retaliate. Submit a Report, and it will be investigated.

6) NO Pay-per-click, or Pay-per-download. Includes Link shorteners.

7) NO bumping threads without adding new content, or a meaningful comment (lively, but friendly, discussion welcome). DO NOT bump threads over 30 days old without adding new content. EXCEPTION: ID Request threads can be bumped once every 14 days since last post.

8) Feel free to advertise your Web site, Blog or Business as part of your signature. DO NOT post it in the body of your message(s).

9) Re-enforces the requirement of Previews, and exceptions.

10) Other than Thread Prefix Identifiers, DO NOT use all UPPERCASE lettering at the beginning of, or for the whole title.

D) If you see a Admin or Mod Post/Edit in your post, DO NOT edit it. But, do feel free to question the staff member as to why it was done.

NOTE: Failure to follow these simple rules can, and has, lead to being banned (both temporary, and permanent).

Thank you.
Not open for further replies.